A perfect combination of

Class, Tradition and Style

Cheongsams used to be the symbol of high fashion for Chinese ladies in the early 1900s. Socialites of old Shanghai chose their Cheongsam to suit them perfectly. This expressive dress reaches to above the knee and allows a woman to dress with elegance, grace and modesty. A form fitting and a revealing cut both emphasise her feminine body line.


With the impressive growth of China, Cheongsam has gained more and more popularity. Many Western designers have integrated elements of Cheongsam in their fashion collections as well .



A Cheongsam adds an element of fusion to our fast moving times as, like no other, it expresses traditional culture and confidence in a modern environment. And, it adds a unique glamour to your wardrobe! This very special dress will be cherished by you and admired by others for a very long time.